Story of God Series Responses (3)

Here are some more comments about the series. No particular theme except that many state how the series hit the mark, helping them understand how the whole Bible fits together. I'd say I read about 75 similar responses.

This was probably the single-most influential series I have ever been a part of. It made me excited! I actually have a clear picture of the Bible and clearer picture of God and his love for me.

I’m finally able to understand the chronology of the Bible.

I can explain the whole Bible better and in a very simplified way.

…the Sunday I started attending was the first week of this series. The power & presence of God in this place is AMAZING. Every week I come not knowing how He would speak to me in my current circumstance but He always did.

…I had no idea how the Bible was (is) knitted together. This series provided a sense of clarity and understanding of the fundamentals.

The Story of God has reminded me of the importance of my relationship with Him. I have reconnected with my family in having/sharing Bible time and having intimate conversation on what God is doing in our lives.

Really gave me greater understanding of the Bible. I know names, places, and events better now. Really enjoyed it too.

I felt freed from the immensity of the details of the Bible and from not knowing about what a lot of the Bible means so I could better see the Big Picture…God’s big plan.