Story of God Series Responses (1)

Here are some comments from starters and veterans.


I’ve never considered myself to be a religious person, but this series helped me to understand God and his message. I’m now ready to let Him be a part of my life.

This was a great way to learn about the Story of God. Very helpful to someone who really never studied the Bible.


I was a child that grew up in a Christian home and went to a Christian school. As I have grown away from God in my adult years, I have always been embarrassed that my Christian life needs to start at step one. This series has given me the opportunity to restart my Christian adventure. I have learned more in the last 7 weeks than I had all my growing up years.

Impact was HUGE! So many ah-ha moments and dots connected. I’ve believed in God for 40 yrs—but it was more blind faith—now I have Scripture supporting it and the concept of a personal relationship makes so much more sense.

I have been studying the Bible for more than 40 years. This helped me to see better than ever how the Old Testament taught about Jesus’ death and resurrection, how everything fit together.