Story of God Series Stats

We took a survey on the last week of the series and here's what you reported to me.

  • 63% took in every scene of The Story of God in one way or another (through the messages, the small group or the reading guide).
  • 50% took in every message in way or another (on the weekend or via the internet).
  • 26% have or will complete the 40-Day Journey Reading Guide.

I'll be promoting the Reading Guide again in the fall or new year to give people a chance to experience it. I really think that piece is the key to getting the framework down for how the Bible is organized and how it communicates the Story of God. Yes, it's challenging, but it is much less challenging than reading the whole Bible in a year (it pales in comparison). I just need to set up appropriate expectations better next time. And I don't think stretching it out longer is a good idea because it makes it harder to get the framework. It becomes too focused on the trees and misses the forest.

I'll be posting the comments for the rest of the week. You will be blessed by them. There were literally hundreds of great comments and I can't include them all. Some shared personal information on how the series is impacting them in their life situation. I won't include these, but they blessed me in a big way.