Tru is our new Children's Ministry elementary curriculum that includes three elements I'm so excited about:

  • Stations for worship engagement
  • The meta-story of the Bible is being taught (a framework and foundation for Bible reflection and study all their lives)
  • Parent compenent for spiritual formation in the home

So here's one parents story from this last week in an email to Jeni Carlson, Director of Children's Ministry, and her team.

...Just wanted you to know that my boys and I spent some time this morning making the "mini deep dish pizzas" was so much fun.  ...We were so busy following directions that I forgot to "tell a good story" along with it...but the other ministry ideas in the current packet (that my daughter brings home) has been incorporated throughout our week. 

I really appreciate the tools you are providing for our children.  And it's even more wonderful b/c as a homeschooling mother, it gives me something to look forward to for our bible lessons and I know it's right in sync with what our church is teaching at the same time.  I feel much better eqipped to address important biblical topics like the one this week in "storytelling" about how to begin a true relationship with Him.  My daugher had no idea what that meant and she appeared to really internalize that story.
So, thank you so much.  You are doing a wonderful job and I wanted you to know it!