Hey Jude

He must get sick of hearing that from Americans, but Jude is one of two guys who run the day-to-day operation at the All God's Children Orphanage. And he does a super job, I might add. He's gentle, committed and sacrificial. When I was in Haiti in the spring, we talked a bit about how he might be possible to take a day off at least once per week. He gets two or three a year! He lives at the orphanage and bascially never leaves.

But Yves is a wise leader and is making him come to the U.S. to get some rest and refreshment so he can make it for the long haul (and maybe to see that things will not totally fall apart when he's not at the orphanage). He'll be at the GVCM Hope for Haiti banquet next Friday night. I can't wait to see Jude on my turf.

If you'd like to go, it's a great evening and many Five Oakers will be making things happen behind the scenes. You can read about it here and register here.