"What's with that sign and the half driveway?"

Keith Miraldi recently gave a tour of the Woodbury campus to a friend from out east. After the tour his friend said, "Beautiful building inside, but what's with the sign out front and the half driveway?" The answer is that very time we've had an opportunity to address those issues we've opted instead to focus our dollars on indoor improvements or on more square feet for ministry. So the half driveway is the vestige of a circular driveway that made sense for phase 1 (before the worship center took out the other half) and the sign goes back to the days when we were still meeting at Lake Junior High on weekends. The current entry canopy also made sense for phase 1 but needs changing and updating together with fixing broken concrete outside our front door entry.

It's really not about looks, but when the outside looks run down and inadequate it can convey the impression that not much is happening on the inside. So it's time to make a few outside improvements and make that the outside the priority so more people cross the threshold and experience what's happening on the inside of the building.

It is with that in mind that the Governing Board has approved an end of the year mini-campaign that focuses on these issues for Woodbury and starts a fund for a future permanent site for the Hudson campus.  Please begin to pray about how you might participate. More details will follow.