Way Beyond the Call of Duty


Here's a picture of the candle lighting station that is in the process of being built for the Woodbury campus (for praying for the light of Christ to shine in someone's life). Five Oaks member Kevin Haley designed it and is building it. But please read on.

The rest of the stations at both campuses will be placed on modular tables (or pedestals) we're constructing. But this is where it gets really interesting. I'll let Dave Belford tell you the rest of the story.

Wednesday, I stopped by Home Depot to price materials & cutting.... Home Depot usually charges for each cut of 4x8 on their Panel saw. Each pedestal has 5 sides by 20 pedestals (well over 150 cuts).  They said "no charge" for the cuts.

Thursday @ 10am I bring in the precise measurements & they started asking what I'm building & what it was going to be used for.  I told them what I was going to be doing all weekend.  They offered to build all 20 & asked how soon I needed them. I was reluctant at first, but they graciously insisted that my design needed modification.  Finally, in shock, I agreed & said I needed a few by Monday night for a Communion Servers meeting.  We ball parked materials ($250).  I payed & left.

Friday (30 hrs. later) I got a phone call @ 2pm wanting to know when I can pick all of them up.  Got them Friday night with a refund of $65 (material estimation was higher than actual need)

20 station pedestals built for less than $10 a piece & paid only for materials!

Way beyond the call of duty. Thank you Home Depot. (FYI, Dave sent a letter of commendation to corporate in Georgia.)