The Unexpected Adventure

I've had several people tell me that our all-church challenges are an important catalyst for growth in their lives. I find that's true in my own life too. Last fall's prayer challenge was one of the most faith-building experiences I've ever had as people wrote or told me how God was at work through them and as I experienced it in my own life.

So I'm not disappointed. Over 250 folks have committed to the Unexpected Adventure and I know more will be coming along. I can't wait to see how God will be at work through all of us through the end of the year.

The 42-days of readings commence with the beginning of the new small groups trimester. Get the book and follow Group Life, which will coincide with the book. Just follow the Group Life schedule, which starts with next week's Group Life. (You can pick a hard copy at the small groups table or download your copy here.) Your starting date will depend on your small group schedule, and if you're not in a small group, start next Monday.