Dave Gibbons - Leadership Summit 2009


  • God has called us to develop a church that's contrarian.
  • The world doesn't take notice when we love people like us...
  • Third Culture Leaders focused on the misfits/outsiders more than the masses. The creatives that impact culture and lead he movements are on the fringe.
  • What keeps us from reaching people on the fringe are our metrics (how we define success).
  • Failure is success. New metric. Most of world doesn't understand American success but they understand suffering.
  • More important than a person's strengths is their story. Do you have time to listen to their story. Relationships trump vision. Jesus only did what he saw his father doing. Not more visionaries but more relationaries.
  • Moved from 70% in sermon prep to 70% in leadership development. Open door policy at home. Anyone can come in at any time (learned this in his year in Bangkok).
  • Obedience trumps passion. Jesus didn't feel like going to the cross. 
  • To change the world need... (1) deeper collaboration; (2) Communal living; (3) Prayer (you would pray if you really believed the same power that raised Jesus is in you in the Holy Spirit; (4) Radical sacrifice.

Dave's life was turned upside down when, as a pastor of one of the nation's fastest growing churches, he went to Bangkok for a year at his church's Bangkok campus. Came back totally changed. Lost 30% of his congregation and money when he came back. Very challenging guy. His book is The Monkey and the Fish: Liquid Leadership for a Third Culture Church.