First Impressions Update...PLUS

This is one of those weeks where I wish I wasn't committed to listing all comments from first-time guests (on the cards we send out for feedback). But here they are. I'll comment on them after listing them.


  • I’m 46 and felt it was very clumsy having it so dark that you needed a light to read my Bible. Didn’t really feel a connection at worship – maybe I’m too much of a traditionalist.
  • My girls, 10 and 12, were pretty bored. Is there anything for them? The music is good…the beamed in sermon just okay, but we know you’re trying hard.

Unfortunately, it has to be somewhat dark in the theater because the only other lights are the cleaning lights and they're awful. I have not found it to be as dark as this comment makes it out to be, but I feel for this person. And maybe they're too much of a traditionalist regarding the music (or we were having a rough week).

Ouch on the beamed in sermon comment! Must have been the week Tim preached...just kidding. I'm pretty sure we have a class for that age during the service. Hopefully this person asked after the service.

Thankfully this is unusual to get negative comments. Most people have a much more positive experience. But this kind of thing spurs me on to take a closer look, evaluate and improve. Great feedback!