"Blessed" Series at Valley Creek Church


Trent Redmann, Lead Pastor at Valley Creek Church (and a good friend of mine), called me on Sunday to tell me he had a flyer already on the way out to the Woodbury community promoting their next series..."Blessed." Like us, he had noticed the great graphic provided by LifeChurch. Trent just hadn't realized until it was too late that we were in the middle of series using the same artwork.

LifeChurch has an open source philosophy, making their work downloadable to churches all over the world, free of charge. We have our own graphic artist who does great original work, as does Valley Creek, but we're always looking for good ideas. (Besides, we're not yet able to produce the animated video like the one LifeChruch created for this series.)

Valley Creek going a different direction with series. But just in case you wondered, that's why we've got the same artwork. No harm done. (We'll just put some Five Oaks graphetti on their trailer in our parking lot!)