Coffee House

Justrelaxing_2 Shy_2 Jonahansband Davidsband Got this email today about our first Coffee House last night:

Thank you for doing this event!!  My family and I had an absolute blast and hope there are many more coffee house opportunities offered in the near future.  WE LOVED IT!!

I agree. And everyone I talked to felt the same way. I think we have a new tradition! At one point we had about 300 people of all ages. You won't want to miss this next year.

The idea behind this was to create a fun event for the Woodbury campus to gather. Hudson had that kind of event last month and another one this month (a Valentine's dinner). With the Woodbury campus, being such a large congregation, it's a little harder to pull something like this off. But it had the feel of our old picnic and baptisms we use to do in North St. Paul. Look for more events like this one. Not too often, but at least two or three times per year.