Community Groups at Five Oaks

Did you know that the Woodbury campus is used by all kinds of community groups all week long? Most of our Governing Board members and Elder didn't, I discovered, at our annual retreat last Saturday. How would they know unless your in the building during the day and on certain evenings?

It's our our policy to open up the building to outside groups, usually free of charge.  We have received many heartfelt ‘thank yous’ from groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, several Girl Scout Troops and Mom’s Clubs. Since building the Community Life Center, it has been consistently booked with our own ministries, but also by Woodbury sports clubs and area schools needing gym space. Our Worship Center is also busy with spring, fall, and Christmas piano recitals and concerts.

For several years a Homeschool Band with more than 40 children has used our facility for lessons and rehearsals, and just this year, a homeschool coop with approximately 60 children has started to use the children’s wing and CLC every Thursday.  Five Oaks has also been the site for the City of Woodbury Coronation Celebration in August, as well, as many other non-profit organizations, schools, or clubs.

It's a hopping place and it's great to expose so many people to our ministry in this indirect way. Many have wound up checking us out as a result. We have no idea how many have stayed. I'll have to ask some time. Either way, it's exciting to be of service to so many in our community.