Q & A 24

What is your view on alcohol consumption? Some churches have kegs tapped and wine flowing at social events and others say no alcohol is allowed?

Very complex question, but here's the short answer. We don't allow alcohol at church sponsored events. As a church, we have no other position, per se.

I can say with some confidence that the leadership of this church would agree on the following: (1) the Bible teaches that getting drunk is a sin; (2) Jesus and most biblical personalities drank alcohol; (3) alcohol can be abused and cause great devastation to individuals and families; and (4) whether to drink or not is an individual decision based on many factors (unless that decision is leading to sin).

We have many members who have struggled with substance abuse and have great stories of recovery and grace. I'm certain we have others who need to ask for help. I highly recommend Quest 180 at Eagle Brook Church (at the White Bear campus), Teen Challenge (it's for adults too), Capstone, and 12-step programs.