One Church, Multiple Campuses (Part 7)

More Hudson Campus FAQ's.

  • What is similar about Woodbury and Hudson?  What is distinct?

The ten elements of ministry DNA (see above) seek to address this question. But another way to approach it is to think of the Woodbury campus when we started a Saturday night service. It was not an independent entity. It shared the same DNA, even though some of the specifics were different. For example, with no back-to-back services, Saturday night cannot offer adult classes, but it does offer meals after the service once per month. At the same time, we did not have to reinvent the wheel for small groups, worship planning and execution, First Impressions, etc.

  • What is the org chart for Hudson? 

Currently the ministry leaders at Hudson directly report to their counterparts in Woodbury and work closely (a “dotted-line report”) with the Campus Pastor. This is what was recommended to us for the first launch to get buy-in from all staff in the sending church. When Hudson launches a new campus, it will likely have a similar reporting structure with the new campus. 

  • Are we a real church?

Absolutely! Hudson is Five Oaks Church that meets in Hudson.

  • Why do we have to copy what Woodbury does?

It’s not a matter of copying Woodbury. Woodbury staff leaders are, in actuality, wearing two hats—one is their role as Central Support Staff to Five Oaks Church and the other is for the Woodbury campus because of the size of the congregation and scope of the ministry. Both campuses are being serviced by Central Support. It’s a matter of the stewardship of resources, best practices and leveraging our volunteer staff. For example, our worship arts leadership in Hudson is all-volunteer at this point. Chord charts, programming sheets, PowerPoint slides, sermons and other resources are produced by Central Support and save enormous amounts of time and energy, leading to a better experience for the whole campus.