First Impressions Weekly Update

Here are the latest comments we got back from the card we send first-time guests. All from the Woodbury Campus this time around.

  • My girlfriend and I felt really welcome and will be attending the Discovery Class Jan. 6th.
  • We were most impressed by the genuine friendliness and desire to welcome newcomers – After research, Five Oaks seems to be a church where we would like to make a long term commitment.
  • People greeters were smiling and friendly. Sermon was a little long, but seemed to have a few good points, so OK to listen.
  • The video about the man that started to compete in triathlons and marathons because of his special needs son was powerful! Your church (the people) were friendly and you preach from the Word. Keep those strong convictions! Would you provide an ASL interpreter if a deaf person wanted to attend your service?