One Church, Multiple Campuses (Part 4)

More on our DNA:

  1. Purposeful
  2. One Church with Multiple Campuses
  3. Streamlined
  4. Focused: Core ministries include Worship, Small Groups, Children and Student Ministries and the P.E.A.C.E. Plan
  5. Multiplication
  6. Centrally Supported
  7. Reproducible Systems: We create and work with reproducible systems that are kept simple, can be adapted to different contexts and promote best practices leading to greater effectiveness in ministry.
  8. Gifts- and Team-driven: We seek to mobilize people to serve on teams in the areas of their spiritual giftedness.
  9. Biblically and Culturally Relevant: We seek to produce authentic disciples that live out their faith in all arenas of life by approaching ministry in a biblically and culturally relevant manner.
  10. People Over Building: The church is the people, not a building. Buildings serve the vision and mission.

Tomorrow I start addressing the Frequently Asked Questions about our multi-campus philosophy.