One Church, Multiple Campuses (Part 5)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our multi-campus ministry.

Woodbury Campus Questions:

  • Are we behind in seeking to be one church in ten location in ten years?

We may be a little behind. We have faced a money and staffing shortage in 2007 that will extend into 2008. But it’s important to remember that it’s not only about the Woodbury campus starting nine additional campuses, one per year. We expect new campuses to launch campuses and lead to exponential growth.

  • What about the additional venue at Woodbury?

We still plan to start an additional worship venue in the Community Life Center. As Woodbury and Cottage Grove continue to grow in the area around the Woodbury campus in the next twenty years, we anticipate not only adding addition space but also needing additional land.

  • How do congregational meetings work in a multi-site church?

At our first congregational meeting after launching Hudson we had people from both campuses in attendance, including brand new Five Oakers from Hudson. As campuses get farther and farther away we expect to have to make changes to the by-laws, but we do not yet know what those changes might be.

  • Has the cost of Hudson hurt the Woodbury campus?

Multiplication always has a short-term cost, but our focus is on the long-term kingdom impact in both the sending and the sent, as well as those who are reached. We believe it has been worth the cost and has helped the Woodbury campus in multiple ways.

  • Have our people resources loss been too great because of Hudson?

Absolutely not.  New people have stepped up to serve in large numbers.

Tomorrow I'll start on the Hudson campus questions.