Better late than never

This is a long one, but it's worth it. I'll bite size it over the next few days.

This last fall we did the 40 Days of Community series and asked people to write and send me their story. I received Mary Fontaine's this week. I guess I'll accept her late assignment. Here's her preface before she tells her story. Kevin, her husband, went to be with the Lord on June 22.

Pastor Henry gave us an assignment, which I am now turning in late, but hopefully can still get a grade for.  It was about the 40 days of community and what that means.  I started writing this shortly after the assignment was given, but in my grief process, I have needed to stop, rework it, go back to it, meditate and pray on all of the blessings of the last two years.  I am, and I know Kevin was amazed at how the body of Christ functioned as we went through our unchartered waters with all of you. Thank you for your part in my 800 and counting days of community.

Her story begins tomorrow.