Losing Weight

Seems like a lot of people I know are on a weight-loss kick right now. Always makes me a bit nervous because everybody pours on the praise as they lose weight. But most people I know who've lost weight, gained it all back. There are exceptions, but gaining it back is almost the rule. And then what happens when all the accolades stop?

I now like to tell folks that are out to lose weight (and discuss it in my presence) that I'll love them just as much just like they are or if they lose weight. And I'll love them if they gain it back. And I refuse to make a big deal about the loss because I don't see them in terms of their weight. For those who are doing it right, I'm happy for them if they're now living a healthier life, but that's really it. (Besides, face it, losing weight after 35 or 40 makes you look older anyway, so factor that into the equation if health is not the primary issue for you.)

I believe keeping it off can be done, if someone goes about it the right way and other magical stuff happens to help their minds/tastes/desires change for good. I don't know what those things are. My guess is those other things depend on the person. But I really don't know much on this.

Anyway, I read these two posts by Perry Noble on the subject and thought I'd pass it on. What do you think about his ideas and experience? Take a look at I Was Fat, Now I'm Not - Part One  and Part Two.