Bob and Dana's Excellent Adventure

Our future Five Oaks Hudson campus pastor, Bob Brueggen, and Dana Hayden (Outreach Director) went to Hudson on Monday to start surveying the landscape, looking for a possible meeting location for our campus launch next fall. If you have ideas, we're all ears.

Speaking of Hudson, what a great city. I love the St. Croix. (I have to admit, though, that my absolutely favorite place is the Minnetonka lakes. I spent some summers as a kid on those lakes with my cousin Henry's family, skiing every chance we could get, swimming and having some of the best days of my life. Then in college I went snowmobiling, fishing and boating on the lake. I proposed to Lois on one of those lakes after a dinner at Lord Fletcher's (got there by boat). But I digress...) The St. Croix is my second favorite place. What a great river. What incredible vistas from the hills and bluffs lining the river. I love heading out to dinner or coffee or just about anything in places like Hudson and Stillwater.