Weekend Reflections

I'm glad I was able to preach this message. I'd hate to miss any message that I'm slated to give in this series. But I'm also glad I'm through it without coughing or running out of gas. I feel sorry for the first Saturday service, because I held back more than I should have, and I just wasn't up to preparing, so I didn't know my message as well. Things got way better after that. I had a lot more energy for the weekend than I thought I'd have.

I didn't get a chance to participate in the worship music all weekend and that felt weird. Same with little to no interaction with folks between services. I was the first person out of the parking lot after the last service. That's a first (even for when I've had Vikings tickets for a noon game).

It didn't feel like it to me, but we had one of our largest non-Easter weekend attendances. First Impressions folks also reported an unusually large amount of first time guests. We'll see when we process the Communication Cards.