Drama_team_praying Powerful drama and great job by the drama team this week. The drama is called "Links" and it comes from Willow Creek resources. We used it at our Everyday Forever Campaign dinner over two years ago, and I first saw it at a conference at Willow Creek Church many years ago. It still gets to me. When "Wormeater's" daughter says who she is, I choke up every time. It drove home the point like nothing else: followers are fishers.

The picture shows what the drama team members do backstage before they go on every week they perform. We used most of the same cast from the campaign dinner, but this was the first performance on the drama team by Brian Parker (number 12 in the picture) and Owen Lu (the foreign exchange student in the sketch). They didn't act like rookies, but Owen's parents told me he was plenty nervous. I know the feeling from my Kramer weekend.