Bono Interview

The pneumonia is still hitting me pretty hard. I'm worthless until about two or three in the afternoon every day. I feel way better in the late afternoons and evenings. So I went into the office in the late afternoon today and was so excited to see the Bono interview DVD had arrived. This is a DVD of the best session of any conference I've ever attended. It was from this year's Willow Creek Leadership Summit and it's Bill Hybels interviewing Bono, the lead singer of U2. U2 is my favorite group. For some reason, their music moves my soul like no other. But this interview has to do with God's call on the church to reach out in compassion to our world. We will be watching it in its entirety in church at the right time. A lot of churches across the country plan to do this. I heard Eagle Brook in Lino Lakes/White Bear is doing it soon. The right time for us may not be until the second series of next year, so sorry for the really early teaser to other U2 fans. It's got footage from his concerts, so special permission had to be granted to use this in churches. I can't wait!