Crossing Jordan

It's been years since I've stayed home sick. Since we don't have cable, the last time I was home sick with the flu I watched Matlock reruns every day (there wasn't much else on). Couldn't miss my Matlock. Since then, I associate Matlock with illness.

This time around I've gone to my mom's a good part of the day (her apartment is attached to our house), and she has Dish Network, so I have some more choices. My "can't miss" program this time is Crossing Jordan. I'd seen maybe one or two episodes in the past. I don't even know if it's on any more. But I've really enjoyed it (as much as any show can be enjoyed while shaking or sweating with a fever). Every character in the show has some deep flaws and is dealing with some significant brokenness in their lives.  The show makes me wonder what's the difference between the Medical Examiner's office and the CSI office.