Ready for Some Football?

Lois and I went to the game last night. How disappointing. Our first live Monday night game. To make it worse, we were sitting next to a Patriots fan. Then I go into the office today and remember that I office next to a Patriots fan (Dana)!

We were ready for some football. A Monday night party... One good thing about the game. My sinus's opened up just before half-time and I could taste for the first time in days. Didn't last.

To add insult to injury... My fantasy team tied my opponent this week with 102 points. So we had to go to bench points. Tied at 44 (I know, that's pitiful; I sat Desmond Clark this week and he scored about 26 points). So it went to which quarterback did better. He won. I'm 5-3 and in second place in my division.