Fantasy Football Update

Five games into the season and I haven't yet posted on my Fantasy football team.

First, a little on my league. I'm in a league with a bunch of guys I got to know through coaching our kids in football about eight years ago. It's expanded beyond that, but we're the main guys who meet every week at Throwbacks or some other sports bar to watch Monday Night Football and conduct trades, etc. There's twelve teams and we've been at if for years. It started as a father/son thing, but most of the sons are now 21. Many are still in the league.

I'm 4-1 so far. I've been living on the edge. On the first week, after getting high points in the league, I traded about five players with the commission (known for his trade deals). It was a good trade, but I got rid of a couple of guys I really like. This Monday we made another blockbuster trade and only time will tell.

But here's the kicker: I traded Romo for Kitna. Am I crazy? Maybe. But I did it for the other guys I got in the deal. I gave up Shawn Alexander, Reggie Wayne and Jeremy Shockey for Ronnie Brown (#1 running back), Plaxico Burress (#2 receiver) and Kellen Winslow (I had traded him away and regretted it, he's rated three in our league where catches for TE's get a point each). Hated losing Romo, but a quarterback doesn't win championships in this league.

Usually we leave shortly after half on Mondays but two of the guys are Dallas fans and we stayed. As a Redskins fan, we have a lot of fun. Am I glad we stayed. What a game! Even if those Cowboys did win. You have to admire them.

Okay, did I do well on my trade? Any opinions out there?