Hello Trouble…

In a powerful advertising campaign, Gerber Knives (different company than the baby food company) tells us a story about trouble. The ad flips the script when the narrator begins speaking to “trouble” as though it is “trouble” itself that should be the one watching out. 

Hello Trouble.jpeg

Gerber does more than sell us a knife in their commercial. They invite us into a story that is standing up to “trouble,” and they position us as the hero who will seek out and stop “trouble” before it starts. (It also succeeds in convincing you that you need a Gerber Knife to do so!)

History is full of people whom we know about today because of how they went looking for “trouble,” found it, and stopped it or worked against it to change the trajectory of society and culture. Many of these people did so at the cost of their own freedom and, for some, their very lives.

God invites us into his bigger story. Our faith in him leads to hope, and our hope give us power, courage, and confidence. When we have courage and confidence in something bigger than ourselves, we find the courage and confidence we need in our everyday lives to live in the bigger story without fear of consequence. 

Join us this weekend as we read a story about the power of hope, courage, and confidence on display through the life of Paul in the book of Acts.