5 Truths for Leading Well through a Storm

Normally I sleep through storms. The flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder are like white noise for me.


But when this particular storm raged, I woke up and rather than going back to sleep, I ended up wading in waist deep water at about three in the morning. 

No, it wasn’t flooding. I was standing in a lake!

I’ll tell you the story this weekend.

We’re talking about leading though storms this weekend.

The storms you’ll be called to lead through come in all shapes and sizes.

If someone in your family is facing a crisis, you are being called to lead in a storm.

If you’re a leader, manager, or supervisor, you’ll face storms where you’ll be called on to navigate a group of people through that storm. 

Even if you’re not a designated leader, God will call on you from time to time to take the lead in a storm. 

That’s exactly what we see when the apostle Paul, a prisoner at the time, assumes a leadership role in a literal storm at sea. It’s an amazing story that comes toward the end of the book of Acts and toward the end of the apostle Paul’s ministry. 

We’ll learn a lot about leading in a storm. Hope to see you there.

Photo by Josep Castells on Unsplash