Why Unlocking the Secrets of Your Family Tree Unleashes New Hope

No, this is not a commercial for ancestry.com.  


This is about our spiritual family tree.

Christ’s family tree is our spiritual family tree through our adoption into him. 

And we have Christ’s family tree in Matthew's gospel.

Christ’s family tree is filled with all kinds of secrets to be unlocked by anyone willing to spend some time studying and reflecting on it. 

When you unlock the secrets, it unleashes new hope for your life. 

Fresh hope.

In our lives, our hopes often diminish over time through multiple disappointments, failures, and griefs. 

Our perspective gets locked in the present. Life gets predictable. Highs aren’t as high because we know they won’t last. 

And this isn’t just for people with lots of life experience. More and more young people feel this way.

This weekend we're looking at Matthew 1:1-17, and we’ll see how unlocking the secrets of our spiritual family tree unleashes new hope in our lives. 

Come and invite someone who needs to hear a message of hope.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash