When You Want to Reignite Your Desire for God’s Word

I love getting out and fly fishing the streams of Wisconsin and Minnesota, But some days, especially at this time of year, I need a little extra motivation to get out. 


(I snuck away from the Five Oaks Men's Summit, during the afternoon break, to fish at Whitewater State Park. Simply beautiful!)

Just loving to do it should be enough, but it’s cold out there, there are lots of layers to put on, and there’s always something else pressing in that needs to get done. 

When it seems like too much trouble, but I know getting outside will do me good—getting away from my work will do me good—I go to YouTube and look up winter fly fishing videos. Works every time. So inspiring. 

So what can we do when we need some inspiration to read and reflect on Scripture? 

I suppose we can look up videos of people reading the Bible. But how about reflecting on a passage where God’s people are really excited to hear the Bible read and explained and where they then respond in joyful worship and even throw a big party? 

This weekend’s sermon passage is about one such community that has been reignited to hear God speak through his Word. I think it’ll inspire you like it inspired me. Hope to see you.