Why Living Missionally is a Faith Essential

Name the sport, almost any sport, and there’s gear that’s essential.

Someone recently climbed El Capitan in Yosemite without ropes or safety gear—it’s called free soloing. But I’m pretty sure he still had some essential gear, like climbing shoes and clothes designed for climbing.

The Christian faith has some essentials as well.

A Christian faith essential is mission.

We can’t truly follow Jesus without living a missional life, a life that adopts his mission for the world as our mission in life.

I know that might seem like an overstatement, but there’s a very important reason why this is so.

I’m not saying you have to adopt Christ’s mission to become a Christian, though. I’m saying that missional living is what God brings about in us when we come into a relationship with him.

When we look at Jesus’ appearance to Mary and the disciples in John 20 this weekend, we’ll see why missional living is a faith essential.

The reasons are really amazing.

Hope to see you this weekend.