This is Us

We are the church, whether we are gathered or scattered--each one of us, a part of the body of Christ, wherever we go, whatever we do.

So, where can you find us, and what are we doing?


Here’s a photo of some Five Oaks families who spent last Saturday morning participating in Rake a Difference Day. It’s run by a local nonprofit called Community Thread; they match volunteers with homeowners in Washington County who need help raking. This is the third year this group has raked Laurel’s yard—she has a heart condition and can’t do any heavy yard work. They rake her large yard and do whatever other outside projects she needs done. Then they spend some time sitting on her back porch and chatting with her while she serves them cake and coffee. It’s become an annual tradition, and they love doing it because all of their kids can help! And they love being able to request Laurel each year as their homeowner match so they can continue building a relationship with her.

123_1 2.jpeg

And one more story. Last Friday 900 people attended our Fall Fun Fest. 100 families had never been to Five Oaks before and over 50 more families were not attenders. 150 volunteers made it a great night. 150! Some worked behind the scenes, like two families, the Benson’s and the Morrison’s, who tied 240 strings to donuts for the Donut on a Rope station. Don’t worry, they wore plastic gloves while tying.