This is Us

We are the church, whether we are gathered or scattered--each one of us, a part of the body of Christ, wherever we go, whatever we do.

So, where can you find us, and what are we doing? 


Jim Hill (pictured with his wife, Karen) is my small group leader. He's one of best. And at the small group leaders meeting last Sunday, he shared a recent text from a friend to illustrate the importance of praying for people in our lives who are far from God. His friend wrote, "Thank you for the fun evening last night. Dinner was Great. ...Your friendship and fellowship--outstanding!  Jim, 10 years ago today we met at Caribou Coffee. The meeting that morning has forever changed my life in a most positive way!! Thank you!" It shaped his eternity! At the time, we were in a series called "Just Walk Across the Room." Our small groups were doing the DVD series. And 300 of us had a Top 10 list to pray for daily. Jim's friend was on Jim's Top 10. He had just started praying for him daily when, out of the blue, his friend called. He needed some advice. One thing led to another and his friend went from being a non-practicing Jew to a Jewish follower of Jesus the Messiah.