4 Neglected Paths to Spiritual Authenticity

As we continue in the book of Ezra this weekend, the Israelites are returning from exile. They have a chance to rebuild their lives, their city, and their temple. But, more importantly, they’ve also been given another chance to build spiritually authentic lives. 


Their spiritual inauthenticity is what got them into trouble in the first place.

Spiritual authenticity, in biblical faith, is about a relationship with God by his grace that more and more reflects his values and priorities in our everyday life as he transforms us into the image of Christ. 

I struggle to live a spiritually authentic life every day. 

And it’s no wonder—the paths to living out our relationship with God are extremely difficult to travel. 

And really very few actually join us on these paths. Even very few who profess to follow Christ, which can be very disorienting at times. 

Sometimes the paths are difficult because of our own bad choices. Other times because of outside pressures. And these pressures can often be subtle. 

This weekend and next, we’ll be looking at four of these paths so that we can be better equipped to travel the paths to spiritual authenticity—to a faith that’s real and lived out in our everyday lives.

Photo by alexander milo on Unsplash