Unearthed: An Ancient Prayer Guide Used by Jesus and the Apostles

This is an amazing find. It has been verified that this prayer guide was used by Jesus as a child. 


In fact, once you read this prayer guide, you find that Jesus and the apostles quoted it more than any book of the Old Testament but one. 

It would be a shame if now, knowing what we know about this guide, we neglected to use it. 

But it’s hard to imagine we wouldn't want to start using it right away. It’s an amazing guide, and I know I need all the help I can get on prayer. 

Surprisingly, it turns out a lot of folks throughout church history were onto this, but it’s been lost to a great degree to an entire generation of the church. 

We’ll take a look at this prayer guide this weekend as we continue our Gospel Project series and wrap up the summer session, “A Kingdom Established.”

If you want to get a copy of this unearthed prayer guide before the weekend, you’ll find it right in the center of your Bible.