Feeling like an underdog?

I just wrote the title to this post and it hit me--Underdog's name is ironic. His catch phrase was, "There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!" The underdog is going to save the day. At least I think that's the idea.

This weekend's passage is about an underdog, Elijah the prophet. 

He goes against the powers that be in a major showdown. It's one of the great showdowns in the Bible.

I'm feeling like an underdog these days (not the ironic superhero type, though). It seems racism is so entrenched in our society and our souls. Christians are increasingly marginalized. Massive storms are hitting us in waves. People I love are growing old and feeble.

Maybe you feel like an underdog, too.

Join us this weekend as we look at how God sides with his underdogs.