How to Love a High Maintenance God

"Let's ask, 'Are you high maintenance or low maintenance?'" That's what I suggested we use for our weekly ice breaker question this weekend at our weekly programming meeting. 

Don't worry. I was voted down. Unanimously. 

I told my small group about it at our weekly meal. They didn't think it was a good question either. Then my small group leader said, "You are definitely high maintenance," followed by evidence from that very meal. 

I don't think anyone would disagree when I say that our God is a high maintenance God. What's the evidence?

Well, we're looking at three big events in Israel's history this weekend, recorded in Exodus: the plagues, the Passover, and the crossing of the Red Sea. If you don't think God is high maintenance, just read those stories. 

I think sometimes we wish God was a low maintenance God. Sometimes we think it would be easier to love a low maintenance God, and it's hard to love a high maintenance God. 

But I want to show you this weekend that a high maintenance God beats a low maintenance God every time. In fact, it's the very things that make God high maintenance that make me love him even more. 

So, Jim, if bringing my own dinner and my own hot sauces to our small group meal this week makes me high maintenance, maybe that makes me more like God...and more lovable!