2018 Study Trip to the Land of the Bible

Are you interested in being a part of a Biblical study program to Israel?

Would you like to join me for a two-week long Biblical study program with an exciting expert and Bible teacher named Geoff Carroll of Travel the Text.  (Be sure to watch the video below!)

If you've been thinking of going to Israel, this is the trip to go on! This is not a tour; this is a study program, and you will be amazed by what you will learn.

The date for the trip is February 10-23, 2018.  

I will be co-hosting the trip led by Pastor Todd Olson (First Evangelical Free Church of Maplewood). Our group will consist of friends from Five Oaks and First Free. 

Pastor Todd has led numerous trips to Israel over the last 25 years. His experience and Geoff Carroll's approach and expertise will make this a one-of-a-kind trip. 

If you would like more information, shoot me an email right away.