An Open Letter to Our Small Group Leaders (Part 1)

Hi Small Group Leaders,

Recently I was sharing with some of you how, over the years, I have often felt like the small group I was leading was stuck. And the people were stuck. And I was stuck. 

What I mean is that it felt like years had gone by and too many of us had not matured in our faith. Sometimes it felt and looked like regression was more the rule.

It’s not that we didn’t have good meetings or didn’t enjoy being together, it’s just that I felt like we were all stuck.

I have to admit, more than once over the years I’ve thought, ‘It would be great if I could just get out of this group and start a new group with people who are hungry to grow and to serve God and do it together in community.’ 

Have you ever felt that way as a leader? I’m certain some people in my groups felt that way about my leadership and the group I was leading. 

On the one hand, this is just the stuff of ministry. Spiritual growth and genuine community happens in fits and starts and so much of what God is doing is imperceptible. 

On the other hand, sometimes our models, expectations, and approaches to ministry need updating. Sometimes the way we are doing ministry leads to being stuck. 

Could it be that the way we do small groups needs to mature and even deepen? 

I’m convinced this is the case.

Good things are happening. Good things have happened. But better and deeper awaits.

In a series of open letters over the summer I want to tell you about several small steps we’ll be taking this fall to mature and deepen how we do small groups, so that we can more effectively make disciples who make more disciples. 

I’ll tell you about one of those steps next week. 

Pastor Henry