10 Tweets on “Talk About It” (Deuteronomy 6:5-7)

Here's the sermon in 10 Tweets in our "To Raise A Family" series.

1/ When passing on a spiritual legacy, the relationship is everything ONLY if the relationship with Christ is everything to the parent.

2/ If teenagers don’t see that a parent’s relationship with Christ is central to their lives, the stickiness factor is greatly diminished.

3/ “And these words that I command you today shall be on you HEART. You shall teach… and shall TALK of them..”

4/ You can’t just take it to heart, you have to talk about it.

5/ “I was trying to be like you. I admire you so much. But I didn’t know you were like you are because of your relationship with Jesus.”

6/ Good people, religious people with no personal faith, no relationship with Christ, teach Sunday school all the time. Kids know that.

7/ You have to connect the dots from what they see in your life to what is going on in your heart.

8/ Personalize Scripture.

9/ Share the story behind your decisions.

10/ Talk about how you steward your talent, your time, and your treasure.