10 Tweets on “The Call to Mission” (1 Corinthians 9:19-23)

Here's the sermon in 10 Tweets in our The Letter to the Corinthians series.

1/ Jesus has commissioned every one of his followers to be his witnesses. But what if he has actually called you to be a missionary?

2/ Jesus has called every one of his followers to be missionaries. And our mission field is everywhere we go in our everyday lives.

3/ Paul: ‘I’m willing to serve sacrificially, swallow my pride, forgo my rights, serve, suffer, & even die to win more to Christ.’

4/ The benediction at the end of the service is not a call to go out and be nice.

5/ We are blessed with inclusion in God’s family so that we can bring others into God’s family.

6/ What would I do differently if I really believed I am called to be missionary right now right where I am?

7/ How would you feel about financially supporting a missionary who didn’t do mission? 

8/ Do I really believe that Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, can use me to win others to Christ?

9/ Do I really believe that Jesus can change the trajectory of the lives of people I know?

10/ Determine one specific next step you can take (even if its a baby step) to living a more missional life.