10 Tweets on “Knowledge & Love” (1 Corinthians 8:1-10:31)

Here's the sermon in 10 Tweets in our The Letter to the Corinthians series.

1/ In the ancient world, it was almost impossible to avoid eating meat that had not been first offered to idols.

2/ There was a difference of opinion in Corinth on whether okay to eat meat offered to idols. Paul say, “Depends.”

3/ Principles: Love trumps knowledge. Love trumps our rights.

4/ Principle: Love builds up another’s faith; knowledge, without love, tears down another’s faith.

5/ Boundaries: Never participate in a ritual meal of sacrifice to an idol, but they can eat meat offered to idols. 

6/ Boundary: Don’t eat meat sacrificed to an idol around people whose faith is weak. Might lead them into idolatry.

7/ There are real boundaries for Christians, and we are called to live holy lives. 

8/ We are not bound to live by extra-biblical rules made up by people who hold a rule-based Christianity.

9/ Christian legalists are not "weak"--i.e., in danger of being led into idolatry or apostasy by our actions.

10/ There is a greater danger than offending Christian “Pharisees”—becoming ineffective in our mission by joining their behavior.