10 Tweets on “The Silence of God” (Luke 22:39-46)

1/ Sometimes Sometimes it’s in the silence of God that we can hear God most clearly.

2/ When we or the Bible speak of the silence of God, we mean God feels far away, he fails to give guidance, he refuses to intervene.

3/ Sometimes a "no" answer can feel like no answer. 

4/ We learn from Jesus and the Psalms that it's okay to complain to God.

5/ It's okay to keep asking. Jesus asked three times.

6/ It's okay to stop asking. Jesus stopped after three.

7/ Listen in the silence. "The quieter the room, the more you will hear."

8/ Trust God in the silence. It’s in the deepest silence of all that we hear God’s most intimate words of love. 

9/ The deepest silence is what Jesus experienced for us on the cross. He absorbed the wrath of God for our sins. 

10/ "Embracing our 'Not Yet'"