Recapturing the Glories of Christmas

Christmas is such a glorious time when you’re a kid. You don’t have to do anything to enjoy Christmas. You don’t have to work at it. You just love it.

I’m not sure when it happens, but at some point, as you get older, you start having to work at recovering the glories of Christmas.

And we need glory. We need awe and wonder in our lives. Studies show it makes us less selfish and more connected to others. 

We spend a lot of time during the Christmas season trying to recover the glories of Christmas past because we need glory in our lives. But the true glory of Christmas isn’t found in Christmases past; the true glory of Christmas is found in Christmas’ Christ. 

What is it about Christmas’ Christ that evokes awe and wonder?

Angels announce his coming…
He brings salvation. God wins, we win, everybody can win.
He is the eternal king.
He is the culmination of a long story, the story of God. 
He is God, taking on flesh and blood and moving into the neighborhood!
Enough wonder and awe in all that?

How can we experience his glory? It starts by finding Christ and then focusing on Christ. But ultimately the experience of his glory is on him.

A couple of weeks ago my son from Louisville and his family came to my Saturday hangout, Black Sheep Coffee Cafe. Like most Saturdays, a blue grass group was playing. Each time they finished a song and people clapped, my granddaughter would look up with a big smile, thinking everyone was clapping for her. 

Ultimately the experience of Christ's glory is on him because he promises to share his glory with his followers. He, in his glory, gets all the applause; we get to bask in his glory.