Leadership and Convictions

I'm reading Leadership Mosaic: 5 Leadership Principles for Ministry and Everyday Life by Daniel Montgomery and Jared Kennedy. As I read, I'm doing a series of blog posts of short, tweet-length quotes. If you want to join me in reading it, you can get it here and send me some of your favorite quotes.  These quotes are from the chapter 1, "The Convictional Leader: Embodying What You Believe.

  • Wisdom for leadership begins with the conviction that God speaks. God makes himself known through his world, Word, and works.
  • Methodological pragmatism focuses churches and missionary enterprises on “what works”…rather than on faithfulness to God’s Word.
  • A value is something to which you will commit, but conviction is a belief you’ll sacrifice for.
  • We long to know because we’ve been created to know God and his world. 
  • Have you noticed how defensive Christian leaders can be? Have you noticed how we often choose sides before we understand an issue? 
  • Before we begin to explore leadership truth from those fields, we should confess God’s sovereignty over them. 
  • God wants to move us from the drudgery of mastering it all to the joy of mystery— the joy of discovery.
  • Convictional leaders haven’t mastered the Bible. The Bible has mastered them.
  • Listening for God’s voice in his world is hard for us, because as leaders (and sinners) we like to hear ourselves talk.
  • Painfully, we learned that having convictions sometimes means losing friends and letting go of some dreams.