Leadership and the Trinity

I'm reading Leadership Mosaic: 5 Leadership Principles for Ministry and Everyday Life by Daniel Montgomery and Jared Kennedy. As I read, I'll do a series of blog posts of short, tweet-length quotes. If you want to join me in reading it, you can get it here and send me some of your favorite quotes.  These quotes are from the Introduction.

  • Leadership Mosaic is a look at how the gospel and biblical theology provide us with five reliable principles of leadership.
  • We’ve moved from a merely complicated world to a complex and unpredictable one.
  • It’s frustrating when old ways of leading stop working.
  • When we look to the Bible, we shouldn’t merely look for a theology of leadership. We must look for the Trinitarian God who leads.
  • Leadership at its source is relational and not merely functional. As Christians, we don’t simply lead like God. We lead with God.
  • The Trinity is our mosaic. The triune God himself, the Master, is our master image.
  • Leadership is knowing where people need to go and taking the initiative to get them there in God’s way and by God’s power.