“Expert Hostage Negotiation Tactics for Dealing with Your Family this Holiday Season” (The Weekend)

That’s the title of an article I saw just before Thanksgiving. It was real news, not fake news. 

This time of year often puts people together, in the same room for hours, who try to avoid each other for the rest of the year. 

The tension isn’t always about basic personality differences or preferences. Sometimes it’s about broken relationships. 

Left to ourselves, we would often choose ignoring and simply enduring. But then God steps in and whispers, “I want you to do your part in seeking reconciliation.” 

That’s what happened to Jacob when God told him to go home and face is brother Esau. 

What happens in that encounter ties directly to the end of the story in Genesis and beyond. 

When God calls us to do our part, he is weaving our efforts into a larger story. No matter the result, you can be sure God is working. 

This weekend we’ll see four ways God works when we obey his whisper. We’ll see why taking the next step is so vitally important.

Is there someone, besides you, you that needs to hear this message? Why not invite them for the service?