4 Reasons for Seeking to Fix a Broken Relationship

Left to myself, I often choose to ignore and simply endure the broken friendships and family fractures in my life. But then God steps in and whispers, “I want you to do your part in seeking reconciliation.” 

I know this means a conversation, maybe over coffee, but I don’t know how the conversation will turn out. In fact, if things go as usual, it won’t go well.

It's so risky, I need a good reason to try. 

The story of God's whisper to Jacob to go home and reconcile with his murderously angry brother gives us four really good reasons.

This reconciliation effort may be primarily about what God wants to do in you. 

That’s certainly what Jacob discovered after a night of wrestling with God (Genesis 32). He was taking a huge risk, and, for the first time, he knew he needed God. He held on tightly and it changed him.

But sometimes we’re surprised—God has been at work in the other person. 

And why not? After all, God can change what you and I think is unchangeable

When we hold on to anger for what’s been done to us or shame for what we’ve done to someone else, we forget that people are watching.

What will our kids learn about reconciliation from our actions?

What will those who don't know Christ hear the next time we talk about grace?

Joseph was watching his uncle Esau. He saw his Uncle Esau forgive his father. And he and his family lived to see another day. 

Another day came when he had a choice to bury the hatchet with his brothers or into his brothers for what they had done to him, selling him into slavery in Egypt. He forgave. He had seen forgiveness and reconciliation in action.

When God asks us to seek reconciliation, it may be for us, for the other person, or for people watching. But, most importantly, it will be part of God’s bigger purposes. 

Judah, the brother who sold him into slavery, is a direct descendant of Jesus.

The day Joseph saved his siblings, he spared his Savior. 

Yes, God could have and certainly would have diverted his plan. But the plan was through Judah, the descendant of King David, the descendant of the King of Kings.

God has whispered a name to you. What’s your next move?