10 Tweets on “The Creator Slows the Spread of Evil” (Genesis 11:1-9)

Here's last weekend’s sermon in 10 Tweets in our “The Story Begins (The Gospel Project)" series.

1/ Sally Lloyd-Jones: God tells us to glorify him. “Glorify” means “to make a big deal of.”

2/ Lloyd-Jones: God didn’t create us so he could get joy—he already had it.He created us so he could share it.

3/ The most amazing thing is that the God of the universe, our Creator, glorifies us by SHARING his glory with us.

4/ We are experts at inventing ways to build up our own prestige and bring honor to ourselves. We build our own kingdoms and seek the spotlight

5/ How often do you find yourself living without reference to God or mindful of him?

6/ Genesis 11: “Let us make a name for ourselves”

7/ Instead of giving God glory, they sought their own by huddling together to build their own kingdom, in refusal of God’s command. 

8/ God sees our misdirected quest for glory. In his mercy, God spoils our quest.

9/ Sometimes we succeed wildly in building our reputation or our money or our careers. But then we experience the disappointment. 

10/ We’re not peddling religion; we’re promoting Jesus and joy.

You can watch this sermon here.